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Be prepared for when a fire disaster happens

From somebody within the household leaving a stove on, grease not properly cleaned, leaving flammable material near the fireplace or stove to old and mickey mouse wiring; there are a number of ways that a fire can break out in the comfort of your own home. Again, this type of disaster, according to statistics, will likely happen in the most unforeseen way and by an everyday activity more than a deliberate arson attempt/ some type of explosion. What does this mean for you? The regular responsible homeowner who most likely doesn’t have time to deal with the aftermath of such a disaster? Fire damage remediation is the only way to go.

Fire travels....

The fire damage can be minor or it can be quite expansive just depending on how it started, where it started, and how long it burned. The flames will consume whatever is in its path, where the smoke will travel greater distances and it will leave a rather toxic residue to whatever it comes into contact with. Now, if you have an elaborate ventilation system with ventilation ducts, we’ll need to assess how far it traveled and inspect all potentially contaminated areas. The smoke emitted from a fire is often a pollutant that will leave a sticky residue wherever it goes and also discolor walls, flooring, and any other home component. 

And, this is not even taking into account the mixture used to clear the fire. You combine it with the ash remains from the fire and you will be left with a sludgy mess that is not only difficult to clean up but quite toxic if not done correctly. 

We are here to help!

Call us so we can walk you through the process of inspecting the property, provide a proper course of action, estimate the cost associated with restoring your beautiful home back to its glory and help you file the insurance claim that will help you with these unforeseen costs. We are a full fire damage restoration service.

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Work with a reputable fire damage restoration service

It’s important to talk with licensed restoration services professionals so that we are able to mitigate any further damage, we can dissect the problem right down to the core, we can help you navigate your claim with your home insurance company. What, did I hear that correctly? Yes, unforeseen water/ fire damage can be covered by the home insurance that you’ve been paying for years and have probably never reaped any of its benefits. You may or may not have experience in dealing with such matters, BUT we do! We have dealt with so many adjusters over the years that knowing what to say and when to say it can be different between having your whole restoration project approved and funded or having it be rejected outrightly. We can’t have that happen, so contact us immediately so we can help you get what you deserve.

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